Welcome to Brinkley Parish Council

Brinkley is a small village in Cambridgeshire close to the Suffolk border. The village has a population of 300 and is a great place to live in and make friends with a community feel. 


This is a new website for the Parish council and we have tried to include as much information as possible. If you feel the site is missing information which could be of benefit to the community please contact the Parish Clerk. 


 Are you under 25 years old? Could you use up to £500 for a project? 

The Elizabeth March Charity has funds to support an educational project for anyone under 25 living in Brinkley.  But we need you to contact us and tell us why we should be funding your plans.    
This is how it works:
• You explain what you would like the money for and how you intend to spend it. The application must be in writing, and include how much money you need
• The Trustees consider the application. We decide whether we can support you and how much we can afford to provide. This could be up to a maximum of £500
• We provide the funds and you complete your project
• You send us details of how you spent the money – we expect you to provide evidence of what you did with it
We will look at all sorts of projects but they need to have some educational purpose. We have provided money to help buy special equipment for A-level studies and contribute to the costs of attending courses. If you are applying to an apprenticeship scheme, or to a university, the award could help towards the purchase of books, IT, materials, equipment and so on. If you have had to defer your course due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we could help with the costs of another educational course or activity that you might wish to pursue. If you are not sure whether your idea is suitable you can email the Trustees (Briony Gimson, Belinda Hull, Judith Haste and Hannah Pinnock) at elizabethmarchbrinkley@gmail.com before you apply.
We can consider applications at any time, but preferably by 1st October 2021 as our resources are limited, so the sooner you get in touch the sooner we can let you know whether we can help.

Please apply to elizabethmarchbrinkley@gmail.com 

Please apply to: elizabethmarchbrinkley@gmail.com