Welcome to Brinkley Parish Council

Brinkley is a small village in Cambridgeshire close to the Suffolk border. The village has a population of 300 and is a great place to live in and make friends with a community feel. 


This is a new website for the Parish council and we have tried to include as much information as possible. If you feel the site is missing information which could be of benefit to the community please contact the Parish Clerk. 


Brinkley needs you!

There will be elections for Parish Councillors in May. We are seeking at least one new volunteer prepared to stand as a Councillor and to help facilitate succession within the Council, ensuring new ideas come forward and that succession can take place bearing in mind many of the Councillors have served for a number of years.

The responsibilities are not onerous but going forward we are intending to ensure that all Councillors have an allocated area of responsibility.

The sort of subjects are the play area, the allotments, the village footpaths, the website, highways, finance, environment and planning. Whilst we would not expect new Councillors to take on responsibilities from the start, we hope we can attract people who have an interest or experience in one or more of these subjects. We have around four formal meetings per year in the Memorial Hall.

Any interested parties are asked to email the clerk brinkleyclerk@gmail.com. A confidential call with the Chair Ian Monks or Vice Chair Nick Beamish can be arranged.

Brinkley is a great village and the Parish Council should be representative and vibrant to keep it that way. We need you!